Our hearing impaired services.


Infants hear and listen from the moment of birth. Because children learn to speak by listening to and imitating the sounds they hear, good hearing is essential for your baby to learn to talk. Evaluations and hearing tests for children can be performed at any age. There are many sophisticated tests that can determine the level of your child's hearing. If you are concerned about your child's hearing, please contact our office to set up a hearing evaluation.

Our Audiologists

Should your child need audiology, our audiologist, Mary and Katie offer the very best audiology care to your children from infants to teenagers and look forward to working with your children to determine the best plan for their needs. 


• Hearing Evaluation from birth to 21 yrs
• Newborn Hearing Screening
• Middle Ear Function / Tympanometry
• Pre-molded and Custom swim plugs


Signs of hearing loss in babies:

• Doesn't startle at loud noises
• Doesn't turn towards sounds after 6 mo.
• Doesn't say single words by 1 yr.
• Turns head to movement but not sounds

Signs of hearing loss in children:

• Delayed speech development
• Unclear speech 
• Poor comprehension of speech
• Talks louder than necessary
• Turns TV volume up too high